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Recording Academy Leads Music Advocacy Effort On District Advocate Day

A few weeks ago, the groundbreaking Music Modernization Act (MMA) was signed allowing major improvements in music licensing protection. This act is an umbrella board for songwriters, artists, and other creators. The law is an amazing step forward offering copyright protection to engineers and producers for the very first time in history. With this change, comes celebration! 

On Wednesday, Oct. 24th over 1,500 members of the Recording Academy came together on District Advocate Day to celebrate the historic legislation.

Photo by Grammy Advocacy Via FacebookThe event is the largest national grassroots advocacy movement designed to bring music industry issues before members of Congress. This time around, Recording Academy members conversed with candidates who are seeking to take a seat in Congress soon. The conversations sparked during District Advocate Day serve as a reminder that creators live and work in many areas of the country. Also, a reminder of the voting power creators has and their ability to speak on issues facing themselves and even their district.

Under the wing of the Recording Academy, Grammy award-winning and nominated artists including others gathered in this event to express their gratitude and to discuss upcoming issues. According to Business Wire, the issues still up for discussion are:  

  • Protecting music creators in international trade deals
  • Ensuring independent creators have an efficient means to enforce copyright
  • Modernizing the copyright office
  • Funding for the National Endowment of the Arts and music education
  • Resolving the long-standing FM radio royalty issue

Although the MMA is a massive and significant change, there is still work to do. Songwriters, performers, producers and everyone else contributing to the music we love to listen to are up for the challenge as they continue to advocate.