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Ring In Your Labor Day Weekend With This Weeks Top Ten

Labor day is around the corner and we are excited to bring you some tunes to enjoy the weekender. We gathered the top ten tracks of this week just for you to sit back and enjoy.

#1. “Saviour” by Daisy Grey

The young singer-songwriter nails the number one spot with her indie pop and alternative R&B track. She literally takes her personal life experiences and makes them into melodies with a soulful element.

#2 “Holding You Close” by Late June

Coming from Auckland, New Zealand, Late June represents a darker undertone and moody style of production. His acknowledge for taking audio clips of real life calls and voice messages as vocals to his tracks.

#3 “Did You Suffer” by Bronco

LA-based rock-soul artist Bronco makes a presence with his new release. With being completely brand new, the soulful feels and his soft vocals landed him number three on the top ten.

#4 “Body Table” by Sol The Reject

The recording and songwriter-artist Sol The Reject comes in hot with his R&B single. It could be his edgy look and style, but his music keeps it at an old-school beat.

#5 “Can’t Complain” by A. Heard

Having the influences of Chance the Rapper and J. Cole, hip-hop artist A. Heard lands the top five of this week with the single “Can’t Complain.”


The young pop artist JXSH represents that age doesn’t matter to bring it to the table like a legend. At only 16 years old, he creates Pomeroy- a signature pop single with a smooth take.

#7 “Party” by Audrey

New York-based singer-songwriter Audrey is known to make an impression with her acoustic sounds and performances. She comes in with the track Party portrays to be an energetic single, but fools once you hit play. Listen in.

#8 “Lime Green” by Glass Battles

The multi-talented pop singer Glass Battles is a producer, singer, songwriter, and much more. His debut single Lime Green is a traditional pop jam landing itself at number eight on this weeks top ten.

#9 “ADDEMON” by Stapes

LA artist Stapes brings forward the hip-hop single “Addemon”. Take a listen as you will notice his strong toned vocals with original sounds of R&B and Hip-Hop into one.

#10 “Warm at Night” by Shawn Cartel

Hip-hop artist Shawn Cartel is known for his style but more importantly, conveying his own take of music with this single.