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Shazam New Music On Your Instagram Story

Shazam, the impressive music recognition app made a huge shift in music streaming by partnering with Instagram. It seems like there is no stopping Instagram’s strive toward music streaming and discovery. Recently, they have made integration deals with Spotify, SoundCloud. Now, as a Shazam and/or Instagram user, your Instagram story can be even more stylish and music heavy.

Starting the month off with a bang, Shazam announced their integration deal on November 1st. The London-based company has been closing the gap between new music and audience since 1999. It was bought by Apple in September of this year. It seems both companies have had a long relationship before the acquisition.

Photo By Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Bizjournals

According to Forbes,

Shazam has consistently been an App Store favorite, having been downloaded over 1 billion times. Apple also said that it’s consistently been one of the most popular apps on iOS and that it’s used 20 million times a day to identify songs.

Since then, the Apple-owned company will allow iOS users to share a song they find on Shazam to their Instagram story. It looks like Instagram will be covering all it’s bases when followers view the story and click the ‘more on Shazam’ button.

If you are a lover of Shazam and own an iPhone then you can dive right into sharing and exchanging music with your followers. Just make sure you can update to the latest versions of both Instagram and Shazam. No specific date has been given for the Shazam and Instagram duo to come over to Android.