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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Singer -Songwriter Audrey Dropped A R&B Bop Called “I Try”

After the success of her single ‘Party,’ R&B singer and songwriter Audrey is back with another bop entitled ‘I Try.’ The single was produced by RocNation’s Anwar Sawyer. It features textured nostalgic instrumentation as well as eerie and soulful harmonies. This stays true to Audrey’s style of mixing Soul with her R&B delivery. Sharing an expressive narrative, the track seems to detail a strained relationship where one person is the supporter and encourager with lines like ‘gotta keep your head up.’ 

Lines like the chorus ‘God knows I Try,’ stick in your mind as a reminder of the heroines efforts to do their best in the relationship. 

Photo By Audrey Via Song.link


Audrey is from New Jersey and she’s progressively making waves in the R&B world. If you venture over to Spotify’s Fresh Finds: The Wave playlist, ‘I Try’ is at the top of the list. It’s no wonder of course since the song hits hard with Audrey’s powerful vocals, 90s R&B reminiscent style, and yearning lyrics. They young artist has been a busy woman, collaborating with Sampha on a Google commercial. The New Jersey-based singer has some amazing tracks under her belt. Be sure to tune into her SoundCloud to hear more. 

Listen to ‘I Try’ By Audrey: