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Soundcloud Announces Their New Partnership With Instagram

It seems like almost every day more and more people are utilizing Instagram for business and personal use. Music companies are doing the same, seeking to maximize Instagrams likeability to reach more people. Soundcloud is one of those companies making a major shift with music streaming by partnering with Instagram. They recently announced their new integration feature which allows artists and audiences to share music directly to their favorite social media outlet. Soundcloud states “With the new seamless integration with Instagram, creators can now promote their latest tracks and get fan feedback faster than ever.” Instagram users, creators and fans alike will be able to share tracks from Soundcloud to their Instagram Stories by clicking the ‘share’ option.

In turn, other users will be able to click the ‘Play on Soundcloud’ on the story they’re viewing to listen on the mobile version of the open audio platform itself.

Photo Via Pexel

Soundcloud does not seem to be slowing down for a moment as it strives to reach more audiences. The integration feature was activated as of Tuesday, Oct. 23rd. Just last week, Soundcloud partnered with Dubset Media Holdings for remix clearance for artists and producers. According to Digital Music News, the monetization feature would allow DJs to mix and stream their extensive library of over 200 million in real-time.

In the past Soundcloud has struggled with providing copyright-infringing material and compensating artists. Partnering with Dubset and Instagram seem like major steps forward in compensating artists and furthering their exposure. The integration feature is available on Android and IOS devices so that anyone can get to music sharing faster.