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Listen & Learn More About This Weeks’ Top Ten

Kick-off your weekend with this weeks’ Top Ten Tracks on Steereo. Artists like ChrisLee, HOAX, and China Fox have been repetitive on the Top Ten. Learn more about the artists’ below and listen in on their tracks.

Listen and Learn More About This Weeks Top Ten

1. “Found Her” by ChrisLee

ChrisLee is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter with a sound of fusion Pop, R&B, and Soul. This track captures a sense of the nostalgic.

2. “Make A Move” by ChrisLee

After already landing the number one spot, ChrisLee earns himself the #2 with his Make A Move single. This track has a catchy pop hook that’ll get you up on your feet and feeling good.

ChrisLee via Facebook

3. “Entertain Me” by CUTTS

CUTTS is an Alt-Pop and contemporary R&B duo based between New York and D.C. Lillian Cutts and Peter Bonaventure collaborate to give listeners a dark pop single.

4. “In This Moment Forever” ft. Mystery Skulls by Slowz

Slowz is a France-based producer of futuristic soul and electronica beats. You can capture the influnce of many genres of music as he grew up with a jazz pianist father.

Watch Vali – Ain’t No Friend Of Mine (Slowz Remix) [Official Video Remix}

5. “Club Atlantis” by Mooke Da God

The Hip-Hop artist Mooke Da God thrives on the underground club aesthetic which encompasses his style. In this single, you can notice pulsating beats featuring his signature style.

6. “love is so hard!” by The Millennial Club

The Millenial Club is an Indie-Pop and R&B group bringing back love-centered lyrics with a California flare. Based in SoCal, the young group is inspired by 80’s pop and 90’s R&B.

7. “Beach House” by HOAX

Five band members come together to create HOAX. They are a mixture of Indie, Alternative Soul hailing from Long Island, New York. The group embraces their eclectic sound.

Hoax via Facebook

8. “Lonely” by China Fox

China Fox is an independent vocalist with a voice that packs a punch. Based in Boston, Massachusetts- her style has touches of dark pop and throwback R&B.

9. “Magic” by Dionne Anyah

Singer-songwriter Dionne Anyah is born and raised in Los Angeles. Her free-spirited nature adds a light element that listeners can enjoy which is a glamorous and romantic pop style.

10. “Time for you” by CUTTS

For the second time in this edition of the Top Ten, CUTTS returns with a smooth and dream track.

CUTTS via Facebook