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Steereo Charts- Top Playlists 2018

Following the massive success of the new music released this year- we highlight the Top Playlists of 2018 that ranked at the highest on Steereo’s Charts. Multiple playlists featured through rideshare include Staff Picks, Indie/Alt, Rock, What’s Poppin, Steer It Up!, Leading Ladies, Electronic, Pop, and many more. Read and learn more about the playlists that landed a spot on our results of the Top Playlists 2018.


#01. Pop


Listen to “Time To Breathe” by Harrison Paul featuring in the Pop Playlist:


#02. Chillax


Listen to “Snow Caps” by Broken Keys featured in the Chillax Playlist:

#03. New Music

Listen to “Overdue” by EarlGrey featured on New Music Playlist:

#04. HipHop

Listen to “Dub” by Umi featured in the HipHop Playlist:

#05. Electronic

Listen to “Losing Our Religion” by Scott Harris Regime:

#06. R&B

Listen to “Party” by Audrey featured in the R&B Playlist:

#07. Indie/Alt

Listen to “Beach House” by HOAX featured in the Indie/Alt Playlist:

#08. Top 10

Listen to “Say Something” by Keith Cullen featured in the Top 10 Playlist:

#09. Staff Picks

Listen to “Forever Young” by Luca Chesney featured in the Staff Picks Playlist:

#10. Surprise Me

Listen to “Amen” by On The Sun featured on the Surprise Me Playlist: