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Steereo Charts- Weekly Top Ten Hits

It’s that time again to highlight the Weekly Top Ten Hits that are leaving impressions nationwide. This weeks we noticed some of the same faces with groundbreaking tracks but recognize new faces. Check out some of the tracks and artists who are killing it on Steereo’s Charts.

#10. “Locked Eyes” by Lauren Demaio

For a couple of weeks now, Demaio has kept her spot in the Weekly Top Ten Hits. She’s a proud young artist that preaches her beliefs through music but holds it under the Pop genre umbrella. “Locked Eyes” isn’t your average gossip music, since Demaio knows how to hype it up with her style and creativity.

#09. “Eyes Shut” by Jameson Tabor

Tabor has an interesting backstory when it comes to how he became a singer. He didn’t plan to be a musician, but after a couple of trial and errors when it came down to choosing his path, music became the answer. “Eyes Shut” is a significant representation of Tabor’s taste which is Bluestep.

#08. “Lime Green” by Glass Battles

Sean Augustine better known as Glass Battles is also another artist who has had a permanent spot in Steereo’s Charts. The Los Angeles based singer gives “Lime Green” a euphoric and goose-bumping feeling. It could be his electrifying vocals, but overall, it’s steamy and contagious.

#07. “Pomeroy” by jxsh

According to Pigeons and Planesjxsh has a promising and booming career before him. “Pomeroy” highlights sounds of the digital age while keeping a mellow melody align.

#06. “You Were The One” by Mario Jose

The always touring Pop singer Mario Jose is a quickly rising star in Los Angeles. “You Were The One” was a summer anthem since it conveys an electronic element under the House music realm.

#05. “Say Something” by Keith Cullen

Singer and songwriter Keith Cullen have been seen performing in places like Dubai. New Zeland, London, New York, Paris, and many more cities. The award-winning talent has been on a strive to thrive and “Say Something” represents such passion.

#04. “Something Brand New” by Luca Chesney

After coming out of hiatus and remaining quiet, New York native Luca Chesney reappears with a surprise. According to Pop Dust, Something Brand New” opens with simmering synths segueing to an electro-pop shuffle. Swooshing colors and radiant vocal harmonies infuse the tune with resonance. A bass line pulses over compact clacking percussion, as Chesney’s distinct voice, smolders.

#03. “Deeper” by Harrison Paul featuring 10Digits

British born singer Harrison Paul took a spin to the electronic music scene. He paired up with DJ and producer 10Digits to create a soothing electro melody that’s remained on Steereo Charts titled “Deeper.”

#02. “Pray to You” by ChrisLee featuring Niko the Kid

Pop singer ChrisLee followed same steps as Harrison Paul and took a ride with an electronic producer Niko The Kid. “Pray to You” highlights the melodic and tropical house sub-genre- made perfect for summer picnics.

#01. “Beach House” by HOAX

For the first time on our Weekly Top Ten Hits is Indie band HOAX. You might recognize them from our first interview with the band in our Under the Influence series. HOAX describes themselves as a vintage musical sound pulling influences from 60’s surf pop, alternative R&B, and 70’s Motown. Take a listen to “Beach House,” and see how soon you will realize it deserves the number one spot on Weekly Top Ten Hits.