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Steereo Charts- Weekly Top Ten Hits

It’s our last edition of the Weekly Top Ten Hits for 2018 highlighting the major stars on Steereo. The following is the new music ranking at the top of Steereo Charts like North Carolinian Duncan Davis and Indie Band The HOAX band. Take a listen and learn more about the tracks that made it to this weeks top ten hits chart.

#10. “Eyes Shut” by Jameson Tabor

Jameson Tabor moved to Los Angeles to chase his music passion once he decided that Pop music was his destiny. “Eyes Shut” portrays Jameson’s calling to blend Pop, Blues, and Jazz into one called Bluestep.

#09. “Lime Green” by Glass Battles

Glass Battles’s track “Lime Green” is a Pop melody strongly influenced by darker digital undertones. Glass Battles is a modern artist who brings edgy and old-school influences back into the mix.

#08. “Flipside” by The Keymakers

After the attempt of achieving success on their own, two brothers from Boston came together to form The Keymakers. “Flipside” represents both of their talents since one specializes in electronic production and the other with Pop infused vocals.

#07. “You Were The One” by Mario Jose

The Berklee graduate Mario Jose is a pure example of an emerging artist who thrives in the music industry. He pushes his creative barriers by signing a more Pop tune blended with an electronic house drop.

#06. “Say Something” by Keith Cullen

Irish singer and songwriter Keith Cullen is an experienced performance since internationally like Dubai. New Zeland, London, New York, Paris, and much more. The Gossie award winner expresses bold talent as a vocalist in “Say Something.”

#05. “Something Brand New” by Luca Chesney

The New York native Luca Chesney hasn’t changed her euphoric and dreamy like approaches. “Something Brand New” has an electro-pop shuffle that welcomes Luca’s gem-like vocals.

#04. “Beach House” by HOAX

“Beach House” is the type of track you want to turn up when looking to lay back on a hammock. The HOAX band is an Indie-genre based group influenced by vintage elements like alternative R&B, 60’s surf pop, and 70’s Motown.

#03. “Cold Heart” by Duncan Davis

Hailing from North Carolina is the young artist Duncan Davis who just joined Steereo and already landed in our Weekly Top Ten Hits. Duncan possesses multiple talents as a rapper, singer, and producer. “Cold Heart” convey’s his talent hovering over the synth-pop scene with a groovy chorus.

#02. Deeper” by Harrison Paul featuring 10Digits

The Irish bred singer Harrison Paul took a spin to the mellow side of electronic melodies. He paired up with DJ and producer 10Digits to produce “Deeper,” that nails our taste for chill electronica.

#01. “Pray to You” by ChrisLee featuring Niko the Kid

ChrisLee teamed up with Niko the Kid for “Pray To You,” a beautiful synth-pop tune. ChrisLee has kept his mark in our weekly top ten hits and assures with his infectious talents, he isn’t leaving.