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Steereo Charts- Weekly Top Ten Hits

As the New Year approaches, everyone is starting to think of resolutions. Here at Steereo, we tend to keep the tradition going- which is to continue to bring the spotlight to the Weekly Top Ten Hits. This week’s results sees some of the same faces in the Pop and EDM categories. However, are there new hits leaving impressions in rideshares? Find out by listening and reading up on this weeks Steereo’s chart results.

#10. ‘Beach House’ by HOAX

Appearing on Steereo charts for the first time is a five-piece band called HOAX. Hailing from Long Island, the group is intriguing with a soulful vibe implemented to the Indie and Alternative music realm. ‘Beach House’ falls under that umbrella and makes perfect for a romantic date.

#09. ‘Locked Eyes’ by Lauren Demaio

Keeping her mark on Weekly Top Ten Hits is Christian singer Lauren Demaio. She leaves a significant impression since imprinting a twist to Pop music by praising and vocalizing her beliefs.

#08. ‘Flipside’ by The Keymakers

Following the massive success from their debut single last September, The Keymakers have high hopes for ‘Flipside.’ It embodies the talents both brothers withhold by conveying rapping vocals and production skills.

#07. ‘Lime Green’ by Glass Battles

The Los Angeles based singer is Glass Battles with an infectious single titled ‘Lime Green.’ Glass Battles takes a spin to the Pop genre by blending sensual sequences to the track. It has a way of rewinding time since it has older Pop influences of Britney Spears.

#06. ‘Eyes Shut’ by Jameson Tabor

Jameson Tabor has made it clear ‘Eyes Shut’ isn’t leaving the Weekly Top Ten Hits. There’s no question to it since the innovative artist can combine Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Dance music into one bubble stellarly.

#05. ‘POMEROY’ by jxsh

According to Pigeons and Planes, jxsh has a promising and booming career before him. ‘POMEROY’ is an example of what is to come for the rising singer. Despite the young artist confirming not wanting to be in the fame avenue, he has been steering in the right direction for success.

#04. ‘Pray To You’ by ChrisLee ft. Niko The Kid

ChrisLee made all the right moves by collaborating with a well-recognized producer named Niko The Kid. The two combined were able to find a balance to an electronic jam infused with Pop music titled ‘Pray To You.’

#03. ‘You Were The One’ by Mario Jose

The Californian native Mario Jose released a melodic track under the Pop genre category titled ‘You Were The One.’ It’s warm introduction wheels listeners in right as the beautiful and vital chorus drops.

#02. ‘Deeper’ by Harrison Paul

British born Harrison Paul is a young artist hailing from Dublin, Ireland. His most recent released was a collaboration with electronic producer 10Digits. Taking a spin to the EDM realm has landed Harrison a spot on Steereo Charts with ‘Deeper.’

#01. ‘Say Something’ by Keith Cullen

Recently seen opening up for the famed Daley is Irish singer Keith Cullen. For a month straight, ‘Say Something’ has remained at the number one spot on our Weekly Top Ten Hits. It could be his attractive fashion sense or his natural sway- but Keith’s vocals have kept fans in awe.