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Steereo & nēdl Go Live!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with our friends at nēdl. For the month of October and November LA riders in Uber and Lyft playing Steereo will be able to tune in to exclusive content with artists, be in with a chance to win ticket giveaways and access BTS content by scanning a QR code in the back of their ride.

When Steereo drivers don’t have passengers they can use nēdl to search for Live Broadcasts from 120,000+ radio stations and discover what’s coming next.

How it works?

  • If you get into a car with https://www.findnedl.com/ Scan Steereo QR code on the back window.
  • Hit the “Notify Me” button and enter your phone number
  • When Steereo goes live you’ll get a text message to tune in to exclusive interviews.
  • Steereo will randomly select winners for ticket and other giveaways.

It’s that easy!

Go download the app and start listening

Appstore, Google Play, Android Auto.