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New Faces and Veterans Appear In Our Weekly Top Ten Tracks

Since fall season has arrived our weekly Top Ten Tracks have continued to remain spicy. Listen, watch, and even read about the emerging and famed artists who have made it to our Steereo Charts. 

#10. ‘Exposed Feat. Nelly Furtado’ by Tangina Stone

Tangina Stone is a rising star from Brooklyn. Still an audience favorite, her single ‘Exposed’ takes the number ten spot. The song is vulnerable and warm alternative R&B beats. Her debut album Elevate reached #27 on the iTunes Top 200 R&B albums chart.


#9. ‘Entertain Me’ by CUTTS

Good friends Lillian Cutts on vocals and Peter Bonaventure make up the Brooklyn-based duo. The striking alt-pop jam has electro tones and it’s still taking the Top Ten by storm. Note the addictive and echoed pop flare in this catchy single.


#8. ‘Encore’ by LuvAbstract

LuvAbstract is back on the Top Ten chart with his contemporary pop single ‘Encore.’ It’s mellow and sure to have you moving on any soundtrack.  The artist is Akron, Ohio-bred artist provides wholesome melodies combined with bright and smooth beats.


#7. ‘Make A Move’ by ChrisLee

ChrisLee’s track feels like sunshine. The New Jersey-native songwriter and producer knows how to chill and share it with others in this track with. At the number seven spot, ‘Make A Move’ is a Pop and R&B song worth a spot in your playlist.


#6. ‘Did You Suffer’ by Bronco

Soul-Rock artist and Colorado native  Bronco returns to the Top Ten with  ‘Did You Suffer.’ It’s a bittersweet song set to edgy and rising guitar. The singer’s edgy voice makes  the song a soulful encounter.

#5. ‘Pray To You’ by  Niko The Kid with ChrisLee

The Top Ten is graced with an electronic dance-worthy bop from ChrisLee and Niko The Kid. It’s the perfect song for any party atmosphere, rounded out by ChrisLee’s smooth voice.

#4. ‘Say Something’ by Keith Cullen

Taking the fourth spot is Gossies award winner and Irish singer-songwriter Keith Cullen. He’s a multi-genre artist, exploring the realm of pop music. ‘Say Something’ is a song has a soulful message fueled by his empowering and challenging moments in life.

#3. ‘Waiting’ by JPL

New York-based artist Jordan Lane Price hits number 3 on the Top Ten with a track that’s like a rebellious electronic edge. The song tells a story with powerful lyrics and subtle vocals that are completely pleasing to the ears.


#2. ‘Lie’ By NF

Back in the number two spot is rapper NF. He’s an alternative hip-hop artist blasting on the radio and in Steereo’s rideshare experience. His single continues to relate to listeners with it’s emotional and darker tone.


#1. ‘flis’ by Emilia Ali

Moving from number three on last weeks chart to number one is Emilia Ali’s dreamy single ‘flis’. Her sultry voice creates a nostalgic and sweet listening experience that’ll have you swooning.