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Still Woozy Releases New Eclectic Track Titled “Habit”

Sven Gamsky A.K.A Still Woozy is a genre-bending artist hitting the airways with a dreamy new single, “Habit.” The Oakland, CA-based musician is a one-man show with a stage name that perfectly sums up his musical style. He describes it’s like a combination of electronic and acoustic elements, yet “Habit” has subtle Pop and Hip-Hop twist.

“Habit” is a sonic wonderland of a song, showcasing how polished Gamsky’s production is. There are soulful notes on the keyboard, rich chords on the guitar, and other treats for a listener’s ears. His soothing hushed cadences quicken and slow in a style that’s settled nicely into the textured beat. The lyrics are swoon-worthy and show off the pop/hip-hop influence like:

I could let you have it, you could be my habit/ you could be my woman, right I don’t want you half in.”

Photo Via SoundCloud

Gamsky has left impeccable imprints since 2017 with singles receiving significant attention. When he released his secondary solo track, ‘Cooks,’ he didn’t expect the results that it received. It got placed in Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist that contains over 20k followers. Having been put in a popular listening spot, Gamsky’s popularity arose.

Despite being in the right place at the right time, his creative artistry earned him in four Spotify playlist placements, totaling over 830,000 followers. Some of his most popular tracks include ‘Goodie Bag,’ and ‘Cooks’ with a total of four million streams. Thus, most recently, ‘Lucy’ featuring ODIE -racked up 400k streams and hasn’t stopped growing. In other news, according to resources, a forthcoming EP is on in the works and coming out soon.

Listen To ‘Habit’ by Still Woozy:

Gamsky is also currently on his Lately EP Tour and scheduled to perform in Seattle, Oregan, Canada, and much more. Get more details and get your passes here.

Still Woozy Tour Dates via Facebook