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Swing Your Hips Into This Weekend With This Week’s Top Ten Tracks

It’s that sweet time between the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend. Ring in your weekend by tuning into this weeks Top Ten Tracks.

#10. ‘You Were The One’ by Mario Jose

Mario Jose’s single has made it’s way back on to the Top Ten. The pop song speaks on lost love with a catchy hook and upbeat tone that listeners can’t get enough of. Listen below to see why this San Francisco native and powerhouse vocalist is still rocking the Top Ten.

#9. ‘Before The Sun Goes Down’ by The New Respects

Brand new to Steereo, the Nashville-based group The New Respects has earned a spot on the Top Ten. This track is a sweet reminder to stay in the moment with its bright melodies and charming message. It is definitely one to blast when you feel like dancing or walking around like a ray of sunshine. Listen and watch the official music video for ‘Before The Sun Goes Down.’

#8. ‘Entertain Me’ by CUTTS

The striking single by the Brooklyn duo has moved up from the number 10 spot of last weeks Top Ten. The song sets a seductive atmosphere with its alternative Pop and R&B flare. The duo is a perfect match with Lillian Cutts on vocals and Peter Bonaventure providing the echoed and euphoric sound. Listen to and watch the music video to understand just what ‘Entertain Me’ means.

#7. ‘Encore’ by LuvAbstract

Akron, Ohio artist LuvAbstract is bringing it with his indie single ‘Encore.’ The mellow track has smooth and dreamy contemporary pop beats.

#6. ‘Make A Move’ By ChrisLee

New Jersey-native songwriter and producer ChrisLee gives us a track with so much danceability. The number 6 spot goes to his energetic and bittersweet Pop and R&B single that’s like a perfect day in a bottle. You can play this song before a beach bonfire to recapture summertime vibes in this Fall season.

#5. ‘Did You Suffer’ by Bronco

The single at number 5 is Soul-Rock artist Bronco’s ‘Did You Suffer’ delves into love, faith, and more. The gritty edge to this artist’s voice matches a steadily progressing guitar. The chorus and climax will have you soaring inside, ready to stand up to for yourself in love and life.

#4. ‘Pray To You’ By Niko The Kid with ChrisLee

ChrisLee is back on our list in the fourth spot, joining Niko The Kid on a vibrant track. The single balances EDM with suave lyrics and vocals. Be sure to hit the dancefloor as you listen to this one as the hook will sweep you and have you moving.

#3. ‘Say Something’ by Keith Cullen

Irish sensation, Keith Cullen, returns to the chart with his galvanizing and high-spirited single ‘Say Something.’ The song leaped from number 7 on last week’s Top Ten, moving into the third hot spot. The acoustic guitars and rumbling drums pair well with the singer’s vocals to create a pop song with meaningful lyricism. Learn every word as you watch the lyric video.

#2. ‘Waiting’ by JLP

This track by New York-based artist JLP has moved from number 4 from last week’s Top Ten to the number 2 spot. The electronic wonderland of a song is perfect to blast when you want to drown out the world and tilt your chin up in defiance. Listen to the subtle yet edgy anthem below.

#1. ‘Lie’ by NF

The top spot is filled once again by Alternative Hip Hop artist NF. His single ‘Lie’ is one of many great tracks from his latest album Perception. Michigan-bred rapper brings his life experience into his music, channeling through is rhymes and flows.