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The 99% Episode #2 with Love Past Blue

The award-winning trio Love Past Blue is an alternative indie pop-rock band with influences of funk and jazz. Their talents have captivated attention from many listeners since winning the Battle of the Bands at the Wildflower Music Festival back in 2016. From entertaining crowds nationwide, their live shows consist of high energetic performances with a great dynamic between each other. We recently had an astounding interview on the 99 Percent Podcast with Love Past Blue and their responses were entertaining. Listen and read along for yourself as you get to know the band.

Listen To Love Past Blue’s 99 Percent Podcast Interview Below:

[00:00] Steereo:

Hey, what’s going on guys? We’re here for the 99% today, with the young, energetic, alt indie pop band, Love Past Blue. Thanks, guys for joining us!

Love Past Blue:

Thank you for having us!


Can each of you give the audience your name, your position in the band, and something interesting about yourself?

Love Past Blue:

I’m Cleo Cadence with Love Past Blue and I am the lead singer.

I’m Jack and I play guitar.

I’m Joe, I play a bass with Love Past Blue, and in my spare time I have a Bonsai Garden.

I’m Logan and I’m the drummer. Most of the band is from Dallas, but I actually live in L.A.


I hear there’s an interesting story of how you guys came together. Tell me about how you guys got together.

Love Past Blue:

It’s really crazy and a perfect story. We all came together at the right time; it was a lot of perfect timing and luck, for all of us I think. Cleo is the soul of the band because she’s the singer, and she went out and recruited all of us. I’m Joe, I play bass, and she got me by calling my bass teacher, and calling several other bass teachers, but mine responded, she got in touch with me, and I auditioned and got the part. Jack how did you get in? Your story is the cyber stalking.

Yeah, basically we met at this guitar festival in May of 2016. Then, right after that their guitarist left so they needed somebody. They stalked me online and found the music studio where I take lessons, and they called the owners of that and contacted me. From there I went and met with them and then we played a gig that same night because I learned all their songs in the couple weeks before. I’ve been playing with them ever since.

Love Past Blue via Facebook

[2:50] Steereo:

Cleo, tell me how you gathered the courage to put yourself out there to do all this recruiting, and everything?

Love Past Blue:

I met the boys very randomly. I was actually a solo artist before I was in Love Past Blue. I just think with a band, there’s more chemistry on stage, and a lot more energy. I met the boys so randomly but it all happens for a reason because we’re all best friends now.


You guys are young, really young. Jack, you’re fourteen, and Joe, you’re the old man at seventeen. How did you guys get into music at such a young age? What inspired you guys?

Love Past Blue:

Jack was the youngest when he started, tell them how old you were.

I was four. Actually how old were you Logan?

I think I was maybe five? Then I actually started going when I was eight? Now I’m sixteen, so it’s been pretty long road.

What about you Cleo?

I’ve always loved singing, Love Past Blue has been together for about a year and a half now, and we love it!


Your lead singer of your sophomore album is V.I.P., playing at Steereo Sessions as we speak, so tell us the process of creating V.I.P., what created the vibe for that song, and what’s creating and leading the vibe going into your new album?

Love Past Blue:

I think it’s super exciting that our song V.I.P. is now playing. We actually recorded an album with Sylvia Massy in Oregon, and we had a great time recording with Sylvia. V.I.P. is about me and my friends driving, we’re late to a show, and we forgot our tickets. The whole song is trying to get into our show. I love the song, it’s so upbeat and pop, and we love playing it.

Watch Vanilla by Love Past Blue:


I think it’s cool that you guys had the opportunity to create music in a place like Portland, that definitely has a really cool indie band scene. What are your thoughts about music technology and it’s given artists the opportunity to be discovered?

Love Past Blue:

This is Jack talking. I think social media can connect a lot of people, and get people’s music out there and get people heard. I think it’s a good thing.

It’s actually how I got into the band. We were contacted through social media. They said “hey, we need a drummer” so I said “I’m a drummer.” I learned the songs, I practiced them, I flew over to Dallas and it just formed from there.

I think that music technology today gives the average artist of this era, a lot of new tools that they wouldn’t have before.

[06:12] Steereo:

Where do you guys like to play and create your music? Some people are studio rats and other people do things at home. Where do you find yourself most comfortable creating your sound?

Love Past Blue:

We mostly write at my house. We have band practices, I have an music room, and when one of us comes in with a part of a song, or a riff or something, or I come in with lyrics or a melody, we all put together different pieces and it all make this one wonderful creation.


Thinking about inspiration, what artists are you guys currently listening to and also inspired by, both past and present?

Love Past Blue:

For me, my inspiration is really whatever I last heard. If I listen to a jazz song, I find myself playing like that. If I listen to pop, I’ll be playing like that.

My biggest inspiration is Gwen Stefani. We love Red Hot Chili Peppers, and we love all the songs on Pop Radio right now.


What is it about Gwen Stefani that captures your attention and draws inspiration?

Love Past Blue:

Well, her performance is very captivating.

Her vintage style you really latched on to.

Yes, I also do like her vintage style, I take inspiration fashion wise through Gwen Stefani and a lot of forties looks, pinup, Marilyn Monroe looks.


When someone hears Love Past Blue for the first time, whether they’re in a car, or a friend playing it, what would you want that person to feel? When they’re hearing you for the first time, what sort of feeling would you want to evoke from them, based on your music?

Love Past Blue:

I would like them to feel like they’re powerful and that they can do anything in this world that they put their mind to. Just to be themselves.


This is sort of a fill in the blank, I want each of you guys to answer this. Music to me is…

Love Past Blue:

I’m Logan, I’m the drummer. To me, music is a big part of human life in general. We really listen to it everyday, or almost everyday. So to me, this is my career, my life, and music is my inspiration.

For me, I just love listening to music, everything about music. It’s fun to be creative, and create things. Music can connect people too, it’s a universal language. Anybody can play music, there’s no boundary. You can do anything in music.

For me music is an opportunity. A chance of a lifetime to give it your all and show people what you’re made of, what’s really inside of you. When you’re having a conversation with someone, you can’t tell what their true beliefs are. Seeing them pour their heart out for something they truly believe in, to me, that says a lot. That’s how I feel about it.

I view music as an escape because whenever I’m on stage, I don’t worry about anything else except giving a show and having fun. I think that’s what audience members go to concerts for too. For an escape, to get caught up in the music and to have a fun time, and journey of a set.


Each of you guys has a very unique way of looking at music, but it comes from a deep place. A soulful place, the way I see it. The last question I have is, who is Love Past Blue?

Love Past Blue:

I’m sure we’ll all have a little bit of different answers, but for me, we’re this group of kids that are tearing it up on stage. I want to inspire people to show that they can do it too. I think that’s what Love Past Blue is. This group of kids that show the world that they can accomplish anything.


You guys are amazing, I will say we love “V.I.P.” here at the Steereo office, we’re constantly playing it, especially Anne, Anne loves it. So you guys keep rocking and doing what you’re doing. We’re definitely looking forward to hearing more from you guys in the near future.