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The First Steps In Getting Your Songs Playlist Ready

To say digital music playlists are huge would be an understatement. Yet, many artists are launching forward in their careers because listeners are discovering their music in playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms. Often there are people behind the music, curators, tastemakers and more, plugging the right songs for mood and style to create the perfect playlists. One goal as an artist is to know how to grasp the attention of playlisters. If you’re unsure of whether your song will make the cut here are few tips to get your music playlist ready.

1. Find The Right Playlists

With over nearly 2 billion playlists on Spotify, it can be daunting to try and find the right fit. Yet it is important to know what playlists are out there. Listening to various playlists with your genre, style, and mood in mind will help you shape an idea of how your music will work on one of those playlists.

2. Know What Playlisters Like

To a degree, you’ll have to fashion your music in a way that meets the needs of playlisters. Therefore after you’ve made a note of which playlists you can envision your songs on, look closely at a few of the songs. Taking note of a song’s structure in length, intro, and more can help you edit your own music. Always have an original version with all your creativity and artistic flair, yet consider having an edited version as well that can grab other playlisters and listeners attention.


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3. Become A Verified Artist

Once you’ve released your music, becoming a verified artist on Spotify or Apple Music can be a crucial step in getting playlisted. Playlisters will very rarely add songs that aren’t by verified artists. It’ll take up to a week or so to get verified but it will definitely be worth wait as it allows you to take control of your artist account. You can verify your profiles by going to Spotify for Artists and clicking ‘Get Access.’ Visiting iTunes Connect to link your iTunes account and claim your artist profile works as well.

4. Start your Own Playlist

Making a playlist that features other music shows audiences and influencers that you have an eye for music. As well it allows you to display how your music fits well with other artists. This can help playlist editors take notice especially if your playlist has a theme or specific genre. Once you’ve created a playlist, be sure to share it on your social media. By sharing your playlist, you can gather playlist followers and increase your music’s organic traffic.