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The Keymakers Drop A New Steamy Single Called ‘Insomniac’

The Boston based singer and producers The Keymakers has stunned us with a new multi-genre single “Insomniac.” Its considered as multi-genre being that they mastered to combine various styles into one track. It starts with The Keymakers sensual vocals overlaid on an intriguing pop baseline. The chorus comes through with a heavy-dark electronic cut and joined in with a sexy saxophone.

Insomniac is a representation of what The Keymakers have coming their way.

Songcover “Insomniac” by They Keymakers

The reason why is because listeners and fans are attracted to artists who can capture the essence of different sounds. This project involves two brothers called Rome Alexander and Rederic. Hailing from Pittsburgh, The Keymakers realized their capabilities once conducting studio sessions with high-profile artists. Since then, they’ve traveled nationwide including Toronto and have been devoting their creativity to music full time.

Words by The Keymakers:

“We’ve got so much music in our heads that we want to get out to the masses[…] We’ve worked to hone a unique sound, and we’ll be experimenting with a bunch of different styles and genres that I think will surprise a lot of people.”

Listen to “Insomniac” by The Keymakers: