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The Lumineers Release “Pretty Paper” This Holiday Season

This holiday season The Lumineers have released a cover of Willie Nelson’s “Pretty Paper.” It’s an acoustic version of the classic holiday song. Wesley Schultz’s echoed voice soars over the gentle yet rich solo guitar. “Pretty Paper” may be a fresh version but it still harkens back to the classic. The sense of mellow celebration and warmth is still prevalent, as well as its striking lyrics. It’s a melody that’ll remind you of the holidays and snuggle with coco or wrap gifts. 

The Lumineers mentioned on their Facebook it serves a good cause: In the spirit of giving, all proceeds benefit the Brown Paper Bag Movement.” The campaign is based in New York and it’s aimed at feeding, clothing, and giving hygienic items to the homeless. A closer look at the lyrics will give a clue into why The Lumineers might have chosen to cover “Pretty Paper”  alongside the significance of Brown Paper Bag Movement. Lyrics such as “Downtown shopping…Christmas is tonight…there he sits alone on the sidewalk,” highlight the position of the less fortunate during the holidays. Therefore, The Lumineers were very intentional by choosing to cover “Pretty Paper.”


Photo Via Facebook

The Denver natives are giving generously and it’s a reminder of how artists can use their platform to support a good cause. The folk-rock band is known for making an impact through the creative work in their production. The debut self-titled album was a triple platinum hit while their following project, Cleopatra made it to the top of the Billboard charts.

If after listening to “Pretty Paper,” you want to see The Lumineers live, the band will be a part of the seasoned Hangout Music Fest lineup. An assortment of other talented artists will be accompanying the band such as Hozier, BAZZI, and moe. On May 16-17th, you can join the “music vacation” alongside with the very chill and heartfelt band.

Listen to “Pretty Paper” by The Lumineers