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The Start Of A New Innovation: Steereo’s Blog

As part of the movement of creating a platform to provide an artist with additional tools to be discovered, we are proud to announce the new launch of our own blog. Steereo’s blog is a resource for anyone who wishes to get more insights on how to improve as an artist, producer, and much more. In the recent months, Steereo has already proven to reflect the mission to assist emerging acts to be known. Many of these ways include features on notable websites, hosting their very own events and podcasts, and providing resources for music production.

Steereo was founded four months ago and since then it’s been catching the attention of many considering it’s the first to focus on emerging artists that withhold top talent through ridesharing services.


The company was created by an individual’s who themselves are driven as much as artists convey to be. On top of assisting musicians to get discovered, Steereo’s blog will be an opportunity for fans to get to know their favorite ones on a personal level. Focusing primarily on bringing forward the rising stars of tomorrow, it will highlight them with features, interviews, including conversations with producers/sound engineers, the content of a ‘How-To’ series, and more.

Steereo’s current roster includes artist’s already capturing media and new fans’ attention. Some include like the Country star from Nashville Brandon Stansell, Rapper from NY Latasha Alcindor, Rock & Soul artist Bronco, Irish singer/songwriter Keith Cullen, and many others. From heavy-metal, hip-hop, EDM to Country music, genres currently playing are available to meet yours and anyone’s taste in music.

With many exciting things to come on the website, gear up, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of amazing content on Steereo’s blog.

Listen To Steereo Music By Streaming Our Spotify Playlist Below:

If you are not a member of Steereo and would like to get to know more on how we help you to get discovered, click here. If you are looking for more exposure as an artist already on Steereo, email janet@mysteereo.com to learn about possible opportunities.

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