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The Three Best Ways To Sell Your Music As Independent Artists

Those who are emerging or independent artists, it is definitely possible to make the most of your music career. It doesn’t matter if mainstream success is your end-goal there are tools available to help you reach audiences faster and make money during the process today. Although it is still important for artists to seek out as many options as possible to rack in income, the emergence of the digital age makes it much easier. More and more it is becoming important for artists to sell music online through music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. For independent artists, it is a must. 

Use Independent Music Distributors:

Music distributors enable emerging artists the freedom to sell and release music strategically. Services like TuneCore, Ditto, and Distrokid offer maximum distribution without the need of a record label. Music distributors encourage artists to upload their music and as they handle the rest while you get paid. Such services require a fee and/or membership but they can be a crucial step in getting your music released and earning an income. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right one to fit your budget and needs. For example, states they allow artists to keep %100 of their royalties while other distributors can take a cut. 

Many music distributors operate like CDbaby, who offer: 

  • Physical distribution, making your CDs and vinyl available to a network of record stores (both online and “brick and mortar,” the kind you can walk into).
  • Digital distribution, making your music available to download platforms and streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora Premium, Amazon, etc.
  • Additional monetization services, helping you earn money for the usage of your music on YouTube, Facebook, in TV shows, and more.

Create A Website:

If you don’t have a website, it is a great idea to create one so fans and industry professionals can learn about you. Not only does it look professional, but a website can also be an actual store to purchase your music or a central location to share links to where your music can be found. Websites like Songlink help to share your music on multiple platforms and can be hyperlinked on your website. Once you’ve uploaded your songs there, you’re able to share the link in a number of ways like emails or even text messages.

To make the most of your website, consider:

  • Finding a website that allows you to create a store like Shopify or Hostbaby.
  • Add ways to accept payments such as Paypal
  • Creating a ‘music’ page on your website to hyperlink your songs or EPs through songlink
  • For more details about the pros and cons of selling your music via your own website click here.

Utilize Additional Monetization:

As an artist, you can get your music on Youtube through music distributor services like CDbaby or Ditto. If you are interested in licensing your music for TV, then you might want to look into licensing companies who can get your songs before a show supervisor. Want more information? Read our post on sync licensing for further tips and details  


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