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Three Tips To Maximize Music Networking Events

In an industry that often totes the ‘it’s who you know’ adage, it can be challenging to understand how to establish relationships. Previously we discussed how to maintain healthy relationships in the music industry but what about when you’re at the actual event. It’s tricky to know what’s a warranted conversation to approach the topic itself. This also includes where to find the platforms to have these conversations. The music industry is many things including socially-based. The way things have changed over the recent years has given birth to industry panels, industry mixers, and global artist-to-artist social events. This intel where people can share their experiences, and learn from and help one another in the navigation process.

Here are a few tips for the artist that ends up at a networking event and wants to make the most of it.

1. Fully Educate Yourself On The Event

This is extremely important. It can be very easy to sign up to attend a panel and meet the guest speakers, who are very often seasoned industry professionals — but do your research at the risk of not having an understanding of who will be there and what they do. Not only does this help you focus on what information you’ll be getting from such an event, but also where you can steer your conversational strengths i.e. if it’s a panel based on creating social media content, questions on how to get a manager might not be useful to have at your disposal..

2. Prepare, Practice, Pitch

These three words are essential in upholding your brand as an artist. Asserting the idea of taking your career serious and professional will help to stay concise and organized. In results, anyone you meet will know who you are and where you come from. Prepare yourself by bringing promotional materials with you to a networking event. These can be one-sheets with a short bio and photo, business cards, and flyers for an upcoming show. Practice by really taking a look at who you are as an artist and a business person, and understanding what your brand is and represents.

Just Be Yourself

The one mistake someone trying to network can make removing all personality from experience and looking at it like a clinical, robotic interaction. It is also not imperative to walk away with something opportunity-based every time you attend something industry related. Don’t try to be anything that doesn’t feel authentic because anyone who has been in this industry for years will sniff that out quickly. If you have a goal in mind, find a respectful time to express that, but also remember that these are actual people. There’s a lot an independent artist can learn, and you might find that who you are as a person and people’s interactions with you are the reason they want to work with and continue to work with you.

All in all, allow the conversations to happen as they happen. Do your legwork beforehand and try not to force anything. Remember that we all exist on a different timeline so just do what you can in the meantime as an artist.