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Steereo Charts- Top Artists 2018


#01. ChrisLee

The innovative pop singer ChrisLee has been found many times in our Weekly Top Charts. Inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, the young singer have a classic R&B and soulful voice that overlays seamlessly on modern Pop melodies. His first debut R&B single with Jase Harley“Between The Lines” surpassed 3 million streams and had releases on independent labels like Lowly Palace. His spiritual and meditative lifestyle could be the reason why ChrisLee leads a prosperous music career.





#02. ZHU

Grammy Nominated for Best Dance Recording is ZHU, a singer and musician. Until mid-2014, he’s kept himself anonymous since he rathered be judged for his music than looks.  Zhu has a collection of releases that have been received positively. In 2017, he was a featured performer at Ultra Music Festival when he also unleashed the single “Nightcrawler,” followed by “Intoxicate.” Zhu has a stellar reputation when it comes to his production. According to Mixmag, “His magical dancefloor formula has taken the dance music scene to new heights.”




#03. Keith Cullen

Hailing from Dublin, Keith Cullen exceeds as a bold and influential singer and songwriter. Destined to be a star, he stands out compared to other males singers since his vocals are translated differently than other typical vocalists and is a cement to his past experiences and story. On top of being a cancer survivor, Keith never has shown a sign of quitting or not achieving massive success in the industry. His singles like“When I Hear Your Name,” and “Losing My Way,” accumulated over 55k views combined on Youtube.


#04. CUTTS

The NY-based duo Cutts is one of the few original’s on Steereo. Their backstory speaks up how individually they tried to succeed on their own but instead turned to each other for achievement. Purely helping each other out as friends led Cutts to realize the thriving potential together as artists. The NY based duo are defined as artists who melts darker electro-pop elements with soulful melodies; staying in between contemporary R&B and alt-pop music. Their electro-infused nightclub track titled “Entertain Me” has been seen in Steereo’s Weekly Top Hits on numerous occasions.




#05. The Keymakers

The musical project of The Keymakers consists of two brothers based in Boston named Rome and Rederic who formed late 2017. The duo both were inspired to be artists growing up but only recently last year saw the potential jointly. Jerome embodies the alleviated R&B side mastering the saxophone and songwriting skills while Justin remained curious about Electronic music and showed talent as a producer and remixes. One of their debut singles “Flipside”was a permanent release on Steereo’s Charts.



#06. Luvabstract

Hailing from Ohio is Marc Anderson best known as Electro-pop singer Luvabstract. His music is a collection of retro and vibrant musical art grasping major attention. Luvabstract stands out being that he preaches constantly to woman relating inspiring messages. The singer is an advocate for natural and organic beauty outside and within among individuals overall. Luvabstract release “Centerfold” represents the softer side that the singer beholds but yet continues to make a bold statement.






#07. Jameson Tabor

Originally from Portland, Jameson Taborthrives as a Pop recording artist and Songwriter. After realizing his destiny to the Pop world, he moved to the city of Los Angeles. Without taking a breather, he released “Pull Me In” which later entered in Film Festival competitions in America and India. In 2017, Jameson took his influences, history, and story to create “Pursuit” that portrays images of ‘a dark and dream-like future. Without having any creative limitations, Jameson continues to create but with a style of his own called Bluestep-a dance-pop and blues sub-genre.





#08. Mario Jose

Known to be a true entertainer, Mario Jose is a powerhouse songwriter and vocalist. Hailing from San Francisco Bay, Mario has been blessed to share stages and studio with legendary music icons like PentatonixPrinceJustin Bieber, and many others alike. His story began when attending Berklee College of Music on the east coast and participated in an award-winning Cappella group called Pitch Slapped. After moving to Los Angeles, in a matter of time, Mario Jose knew things were going to skyrocket positively.





#09. Harrison Paul

The British born and Irish bred young artist Harrison Paul is a vocalist and Musician from Dublin, Ireland. With still being brand new to Steereo, the young singer managed to land our Weekly Top Hits on numerous occasions. His favored track racking impressions through rideshare is “Deeper.” The track is infused with electronic elements while also embodies Harrison’s vocals. “Deeper” is a stellar collaboration between the young artist and the famed EDM producer 10Digits. Other impressionable singles who’ve made appearances on Steereo Charts include “Time To Breathe,” and “Cake,” and remain in the calmer side of Pop music.






#10. jxsh

A native to our Weekly Top Ten Hits, Ohio based artist jxsh is an innovative young singer who portrays the likes of games to his music. ‘The first single from his Loverboy album, “Lipstick” proudly put jxsh’s internet-driven sound and look on display in one of the most literal examples of bedroom pop-put to the video. With Loverboy finally on the horizon, he’s offering a more polished, but no less exciting taste of what’s to come.’






#11. Glass Battles

The LA-based singer Glass Battles is an electrifying singer and songwriter under the Pop music realm. The young igneous artist has been seen performing all over Los Angeles with memorable performances and production. “Lime Green” is a single that was debuted on Steereo earlier in the year, and was seen on the Weekly Top Ten multiple times. The track portrays a taste of the young artist which reflects a darker and edgy side of Pop music.








#12. Tangina Stone

‘Garnering praise globally with features on NYLON, Billboard, The FADER, Pigeons & Planes, CBC Radio Canada, Noisey – Poland, and more, Tangina Stone has been championed as a universal breath of fresh air.’ Her music can be heard in television shows on VH1 and TV One, and she has graced stages from her home base in Brooklyn, New York to Tokyo, Japan generating acclaimed performances and fortifying a strong following across the country and abroad. Her debut album “Elevate,” released in 2017, charted in Japan and the U.S. The album peaked at #27 on the iTunes Top 200 R&B albums chart and at #44 on Apple Music Japan Top R&B albums chart.




#13. Luca Chesney

The LA-based singer and producer Luca Chesney is an inspiring dreamer who shares her visions through lyrics. She sings electro-pop with an artsy edge and dreamy-like choruses. Initially, as a child of Christian Missionaries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Luca left imprints around the globe including Sydney, NY, and now in Los Angeles. With every new chapter opened, she turned to music when a “new world” was introduced. Her most recent release is “Something Brand New,” is a compelling introduction to any Chesney newcomers, showcasing both her emotive style and unique productional aesthetic.




#14. The Millennial Club

‘Socal based The Millennial Club are a dream-pop outfit who at a very young age, has managed to blend dance-inspired 80’s Pop, beat-driven 90’s R&B, and emotional love-centered lyricism to mold their unique Southern California sound. The group was formed when singer/guitarist Andres Owens was joined by bassist/keyboardist Jared Ortiz in late 2016, later adding guitarist/saxophonist Jake Stevenson and drummer Tyler Kamei. They find inspiration in a wide range of artists including Coldplay, St. Lucia, and 1975.’

#15. Slowz

Since inception, Slowz has been critically acclaimed for his future soul and electronic melodies and beats. Not only getting recognized and playlisted, the France-based producer ushering in a wealth of collaboration and projects within a short period. Slowz was at #1 on Hype Machine for the Stan Sax edit of “Holding You” and has been chased for more since his recent released by Vali, Laura Mvula, Trey Songz, and much more alike. His collaboration with Mystery Skulls titled “In This Moment Forever” is a house track that accumulated over 178k streams on Soundcloud alone.



#16. Myles Marcus

Myles Marcus since the young age has always dreamt of performing on stage. The New Jersey native thrills crowds with his powerhouse vocals infused with soulful beats. Myles started unleashing covers at the age of 13, and a year later, everything changed. He revealed his first single “Jump” that was produced by the famed Roy “Royalty” Hamiltonand assisted Myles to prosper. Myles has tackled the streaming numbers just like his single “Crazy” that accumulated over 140K on Spotify. His subsequent release“Nightmare,” a dark, anthemic pop track racked 300K views on Youtube.




#17. HOAX

HOAX is rounding out Pop music with their very own slice of the genre called Empathy Pop. Based in New York, the band is recreating themselves and exploring deeply what it means to make music. Their sound was once described as “the sound of beautiful sadness” and the phrase stuck, speaking to HOAX’s overall poetic lyrical experience. Underlying their connection and songwriting are years of friendship as well as a genuine message of growth and freedom. They embody humble and existential ideas, holding strong to their belief that music is more than it’s functionality or style.




#18. Noella Nix

The Australian songwriter and vocalist Noella Nix is recognized to create infectious and catchy Electronic, Pop, and Alternative R&B songs. Some of her releases that unveiled talents include “Holding On” that captured the Youtube personality Tyler Oakley and added to his Valentine’s Day Compilation CD ‘Break-Up Jams.’ That same collection is one of iTunes best seller and has been sold out. Combining numerous of Noella’s releases, they’ve surpassed over 1 Mil Pandora Streams and featured on multiple Spotify Playlists.





‘Born and raised in the lower west side of Buffalo, NY, Adrianna is driven by her humble beginnings in a city where poverty was the normality. Discovering a passion for music at the young age of 4, Adrianna found inspiration in some of the greats of the 90s such as Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, TLC, Brandy, Tamia, and Mariah Carey. Adrianna’s debut single “Swim” is a bass/drum heavy R&B jam produced by Dreamville’s producer Kaleb ‘K Quick’ Rollins and written by the songstress herself. The heavy drums combined with her power vocals and distinct tone creates a unique sound unlike any other records out. The single has been featured in a hair braiding tutorial that was posted on Cosmopolitan’s Facebook page, the video has earned 15 million views since February 2018.’




#20. NF

After losing his mother, Hip-hop Nate Feuerstein A.K.A as NF tells his story by rhythmically rapping. His lyrics are heavily influenced by his raw and dark emotions from real life struggles and past experiences. NF studio albums like Perception, Mansion, and Therapy Session were at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts. His “Let You Down” is the track that brought forward fame to the young rapper and charted worldwide and go