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Steereo Charts- Top 100 Songs 2018

It’s time to commemorate the Top 100 Songs 2018 that have been racking up impressions and meeting the ears of thousands through ride shares. This year’s results see some of Steereo’s veterans like Pop Irish singer Keith Cullen, New York native Luca Chesney, and famed producers like EDM duo Rave Radio.  The Top 100 Songs on Steereo’s Charts highlights all genres from Indie, Alternative, Electronic, Pop, and much more favored music.

Let’s take a look and see if your favorite track made it to this year’s edition of Top 100 Songs.

Listen to “Say Something” by Kieth Cullen

Listen to “Eyes Shut” by Jameson Tabor

Listen to “Bye Bye” by Noella Nix

Listen to “Forever Young” by Luca Chesney

Listen To “Holding You Close” by Late June

Listen to “Eyez On You” by Its Me Andre

Listen to “Circles” by Raycee Jones

Listen to “Nowhere” by Slowz Ft. Brianna Rose

Listen to “End Of The Day” by On The Sun

Listen to “Dare You” by Wolfside

Listen to “Losing Our Religion” by Scott Harris Regime

Listen to “Flis” by Emilia Ali

Listen to “Faded From Color” by Saticoy

Listen to “Never Go Back” by FTRSL

Listen to “Ghost In My Bed” by Zhu

Listen to “Risk” by Luvabstract

Listen to “Can’t Complain” by A. Heard

Listen to “World Albi” by Michelle Wake

Listen to “Honestly” by TiDus

Listen to “Broken” by Alex Marie Brinkley