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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Under The Influence: Creating An R&B Anthem With Tanisha Avent

Tanisha Avent is an emerging artist with a powerful voice and dedication to the R&B art. She makes music to move others and fill their lives with joy and motivation. Hits by vocal giants like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey were the soundtrack to her childhood. Given this exposure to powerhouse vocal capabilities, Avent was no stranger to singing out loud and developing her voice even as a child. These legendary artists and classic groups like T.L.C influence Avent’s cadences and flows. Believing that R&B “touches people’s souls, ” Avent uses her voice, songwriting, and messages to create songs with anthem-like style and attention to personal growth and creativity. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn the artist has high hopes of being a top NYC artist. She currently offers down-to-earth and relatable tracks that will entice lovers of R&B and Pop to listen further. Her tracks “Overdose” and “Victory” will tide listeners over while the artist has more releases coming soon. In this exclusive interview, Tanisha Avent takes Steereo into her mind as an artist, shares the musicians and styles that inspire her creative process and beyond.

You definitely have a powerful and beautiful voice, how long have you been singing and how do you describe your sound?

I’ve been singing ever since childhood. My grandmother always played Whitney Houston getting me and my sister ready for school in the morning. I got inspired by Whitney and starting imitating her in the house.  My mother also used to always ask for me and my sister to sing Luther Vandross as well. We grew up trying to mimic great RnB artists and when I was 10,  I started to understand that not only did I love singing but that I actually sounded good. Currently, I describe my sound as R&B wirh a little Pop twist to it.

Was there a specific moment in your life that made you realize music was all you wanted to do? Can you share the moment with us?

When I started making music and people started connecting to it, that was all I needed to realize there’s nothing else I would rather do. I like for people to feel good when they hear my songs. When I was testing out my skills, I started singing and writing. I was recording in closets. Whenever I let someone hear my music, they were impressed and always said it made them feel inspired.  At that time I had a really good job, making money but I was being pulled by the music. I made a life-changing decision to forsake my job and do music full-time. There have been times when I wanted to give up but the music always brings me back.


Your music seems rooted in R&B, do you feel the genre is changing? Where do you think it’s headed and what is your opinion on it?

I feel like R&B is changing but only because we’re in another time. I think it’s good, I love the new R&B today. It is more modern, the lyrics are contemporary, the beat has changed also. It gives new life to the genre. While Hip-Hop is great we still need good R&B because it touches peoples souls.

What artists or groups inspire you vocally and do they have an impact on your sound?

There are so many artists that inspire me! Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Mary J Blige, Brandy, T.L.CDestiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, R.Kelly and many more. These artists have impacted my style as I have grown up listening to them and admiring their voices, lyrics, delivery, and style. I would say a mix between Destiny’s Child and Mary J. Blige has had the most impact on my sound. 


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Are there specific messages or values you incorporate into your music? If so what are they?

Yes, most of the time I try to uplift people no matter the situation. Whether it’s a heartbreak song or general life issues my message is always to keep your head up and push forward. I believe that when you persevere you can achieve and you must follow your calling.

Your song “Victory” feels like a girl-power anthem, was that a part of your concept for the song? What is the song about?

‘Victory’ wasn’t really a girl-power anthem when I started writing it. It was a sports anthem but by the time I was done it turned out to be a motivational song for everyone. I was friends with a person who was involved in basketball.  This person was a coach, player and more. He was discouraged from the game but I was able to see his potential. I wrote the song to inspire anyone who has a dream and to tell them to pursue it. 


Listen to ‘Victory’ by Tanisha Avent

Your single “Overdose” is playing on Steereo’s R&B playlist and it’s different from your other single, what was the inspiration for this song?

This song is about being deeply in love to the point that you don’t care about the consequences. It’s definitely different from my other songs because it’s much more vulnerable. Many people have gone down this road in life and find themselves in this situation at some point. This leaves the person feeling very vulnerable. This speaks to my experience when I have fallen in love and have allowed someone in.

Listen to ‘Overdose’ by Tanisha Avent

As a singer and songwriter, can you share with us any impactful lyrics from “Victory” or “Overdose” that you want listeners to connect to?

“There’s times you mess up but keep your head up the sky is the limit all you gotta do is finish what you started / You know that you’re a winner you know that you’re a star you see how beautiful you shimmer”.  These lyrics are meant to be motivational. Life is not always easy and when you have a dream there are many things that can block that path. It is hard to dream big and to continue to chase them despite the odds. Still you must try to fulfill your calling.

What projects are you working on, can we expect more music from you soon?

Yes, I’m working on a project that will be done at the top of next year, so watch out! I am always writing both for myself and with Shanell Irving and JJ which is a production team called  “Writerz Rumble”. I love collaborating with other writers and making great music. I will be releasing my first single from my new project entitled “Lovers Lane” on Valentine’s Day.  I am really excited about the release because it is my favorite song right now. 

Is there anything else you would like to share about your career, music or yourself?

I am a lover of great music and I’m excited about sharing my work with the world. I’m happy that Steereo is playing my music in New York. I’m from Brooklyn and can’t wait until the day that I am in the car and hear Steereo playing my music. Also, I am currently working on building and expanding my fanbase. I am doing a YouTube live presentation every Sunday night at 6p.m. EST and I would love for readers and listeners to tune in. 


Watch The Lyric Video for ‘Overdose’ by Tanisha Avent