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Welcome The Fall Season By Tuning Into This Weeks Steamy Top Ten Tracks

It’s that time of the year when it gets a bit chillier and leaves start changing. So, turn the radio up and get ready for the heat from this weeks Top Ten Tracks.

#10 ‘Accolades’ by Chris Borelli

NY-based hip-hop artist Chris Borelli comes from an enthralling background. At the young age of 14, he was adopted and discovered his likes for music. He started off learning how to the piano and signing, sooner than later, music became his passion.

Chris Borelli via Facebook

#09 ‘Big Fax’ by Anik Khan

Anik Khan is a multi-talented Bangladeshi-American hip-hop artist that works as a director, singer, rapper, and songwriter. Big Fax is a representation of his Southern Asian heritage with a personal arc.

#08 ‘Don’t Touch’ by Ejypt

‘Don’t Touch’ was the start and kick off of the rapper Ejypt’s iconic album. The track symbolizes a story starting off with a soft touch but increases the intensity.

#07 ‘Lucy’ by Matt Easton

Chicago born Matt Easton brings in his colorful stylish look with ‘Lucy’ featuring his original beats as a producer and creative lyrics.

#06 ‘Can’t Complain’ by A.Heard

A.Heard is not only an independent singer on his own, but he is also part of a collective called CoolASSppl with other creative artists blending their eclectic styles.

#05 ‘Exposed’ by Tangina Stone ft. Nelly Furtado

Tagina Stone is recognized to be a rising star of tomorrow who is quickly skyrocketing. Her debut album Elevate reached #27 on the iTunes Top 200 R&B albums chart.

Tangina Stone via Facebook

#04 ‘Anxious’ by Tangina Stone

For the third week in a roll, the R&B  singer has landed two spots in the Top Ten. Despite noting it’s because of her angelic voice, her boldness has taken her across the states and globally.

#03 ‘5 Dollars’ by Christine and The Queens

Hailing from France is the reputable female singer-songwriter Christine The Queens. Her performances involve highlighting various genres like electro-pop, pop, experimental, and much more.

#02 ‘I’m Ready’ by Artistnameleon

Brand new to our Top Ten charts is R&B artist Artistnameleon. He is a prime definition of someone who remained curious for his passion as early on he was a rapper but transitioned to R&B to write melodies people could hold on to.

#01 ‘Lie’ by NF

After slowing creeping in the Top Ten, NF has finally made it to the number one spot. Using his upbringing and personal struggles as an influence, NF conquers his musical path as performing Alternative Hip-Hop artist.