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Wrap Up The Thanksgiving Weekend With Our Weekly Top Ten Tracks

Celebrate your Thanksgiving weekend by streaming our latest Weekly Top Ten Tracks. This week’s charts are seeing brand new faces and stapled artists like Keith Cullen, Mario Jose, and ChrisLee. Previous weeks, it’s been shown that Pop music has been the genre taking over but now, this week reflects tunes in the EDM realm. Find out by reading and listening to our latest Top Ten Tracks.

#10. ‘Time To Breathe’ by Harrison Paul

The British born and Irish bred Harrison Paul is a young independent vocalist and musician from Ireland. He recently joined Steereo and by blending Hip-Hop and Pop music into one, the innovative singer has already landed in our Weekly Top Ten charts.

#9. ‘Flipside’ by The Keymakers

The Pop duo The Keymakers have once again landed in Steereo Charts with their electro-influenced single titled ‘Flipside.’ With the chill and melodic introduction, the heavy drop skyrockets the melody for a perfect summer anthem.

#8. ‘Running Back 2U’ by WoodysProduce Ft. Melat

Being introduced for the first time to Steereo Charts is WoodysProduce. He’s been a base in production for various artists related to Pop and Electronic Dance Music. This single ‘Running Back 2U’ has a pop element but infused with ambient EDM moments- perfect tune welcoming the winter season.

#7. ‘Eyes Shut’ by Jameson Tabor

Bluestep singer-songwriter Jameson Tabor is a multi-talented artist pulling influences from Jazz, Blues, R&B, and much more. The young creative musician is praised as he’s been able to create and write three full musicals before completely carving a successful path as a singer. ‘Eyes Shut’ is a signature release that represents his name.

#6. ‘Lime Green’ by Glass Battles

Glass Battles is an LA-based singer-songwriter who is known to be contagious with his infectious tracks like ‘Lime Green.’ Singles like these from the rising artist gives us the reason to believe there is a darker and more sensual side to the Pop music realm.

#5. ‘You Were The One’ by Mario Jose

Touring artist Mario Jose has been in the spotlight recently and we probably know why. One of his most addictive releases is ‘You Were The One’ that has a romantic feel form the moment you hit play. With emotion behind the lyrics, the chorus and House infused drop keeps fans coming back for more.

#4. ‘Pomeroy’ by JXSH

Ohio born and bred JXSH pulls digital and video games beat to introduce ‘Pomeroy.’ It’s a mellow Pop release that embodies a future-tech ambiance with melodic and bouncy cuts.

#3. ‘Deeper’ by Harrison Paul

Landing another spot in our Weekly Top Ten is Harrison Paul with a secondary breakthrough release titled ‘Deeper.’ Paul takes a spin on this one by pairing up with an EDM influenced producer to overlay his balanced vocals over an electro-pop infused melody.

#2. ‘Pray To You’ by ChrisLee ft. Niko The Kid

LA-based singer ChrisLee has once again been in Steereo Charts and there’s no question as to why. Teaming up with Niko The Kid, the two were a perfect combo for a Pop single heavily influence by Electro and House music.

#1. ‘Say Something’ by Keith Cullen

Without a surprise, the Irish singer-songwriter Keith Cullen has come through at the Number One Spot with the addictive single ‘Say Something.’ The gifted gem has been praised since he is a veteran to bring out heavy and euphoric feelings from his listeners. Cullen’s lyrics are backed up by real past experiences and infuses an unforgettable story.